martes, 6 de diciembre de 2016

My life's main events

My first national olimpycs of rhytmic gymnastic: this was one of the first important moments in my life because was a completely different experiencie and very beautiful, with my team we are third at national level.

When I travel alone for first time in airplane: when i was 14 years old travel to USA alone, I was scared but I would repeat it a thousand times.

My second national olimpycs of voleyball:  I was reinforced by the third region of Atacama, althought we didnt so well was a nice experience of wich I dont regret since I met wonderful people who are still present in my life.

Eighth grade basic: It was a very exciting and nostalgic moment to say goodbye to my lifelong colleagues.

My trip to studies:   with my classmates go to Camboriu, Brasil for one week, was a amazing travel, I knew a lot about brazilian culture, new places, new people. I would happily return without hesitation.

C.A Nº2

1- About 800.000 years ago fire was controled by early humans.
2- About 4 million years ago most early human species became bipedal.
3- The homo habilis used to live in Eastern and Southern Africa.
4- About 12.000 years ago humans managed to control the growth and breeding of some plants and animals.
5- The sahelanthropus tchadensis  is the earliest human species from the timeline.

Answer this questions:

1- Whats been the role of climate change in the development of humans?
  The climate change make the human adapted to the environment.

2-In you opinion, what is the most significant milestone for the human evolution? why?
  Discover the fire, because helped to human to survive.

3- Wich early human species was throught to be the first to use tools made from stone?
  The Homo Habilis

4- Who were the first human species to travel to and live in Europe? When?
  Homo Heidelbergensis about 700.000-200.000 years ago.+

5-Wich species survived for the longest time? For how long?
Homo erectus between 1.89 million and 143.000 years ago.

My favorite electronic gadget

My favorite electronic gadget is my Iphone 6 Plus

The Iphone it's a smartphone company Apple, considered intelligent by multimedia functions, internet connection, touch screen with multi-touch technology ando absence of physical keyboard.

The Iphone 6 plus is a larger version of the Iphone 6 that fits into the increasingly popular phatablet category. Its larger in size that previous generation Iphones with a 5.5 inch screen at 1080 resolution, New A8 procesor, 8 megapixel rear camera with flash, 1.2 MP front camera.

I use my phone all day and is the electronic device that I use most  for diferent things like call to my family and friends, to receive messages on Whatsapp, to review my social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, to take pictures because the camera is very good with 8 megapixeles as previously mentioned.

I can see the university material to study, videos, get information about public trasportation, to tell the truth information of many thing.