lunes, 17 de octubre de 2016

About my life

Hi!!! my name is Pía Bravo, I am 20 year old recently completed...yes! today its my bithday  October 18 and I am writing that lol.

I studied elementary  in Sport School and high school at San Francisco, I was born in Vallenar, third region of Atacama..I lived there all my life until last year.I was living in La Serena where I studied Dentistry but it was not mine  thats why I come to Santigo to study Veterinary Medicine

I've done two sports during my life rhythmic gymnastics and volleyball

                                      In a national championship with my best friend Sofía,

I´ve two brothers Felix and Cristobal

My mom Dafne

And me have many dogs are seven : Manchi, Bambi, Sacha, Snoopy, two of them with the same name "Black" because they are brothers and very similar, and Leon this puppy is the most important for me and my family because I grew up since I was two days old because her mother died It is like a son to my, very special, and others have all been adopted by my mom, she loves animals especially dogs.

Baby Leon

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