martes, 11 de octubre de 2016

My opinion about important matters

About the reciclyng I think that its a necessary action that we perform for decrease the pollution that we produce aurselves, to keep our planet more clean, to minimize the levels of trash giving them a use and save money... preventing people follow buying.
In relation to the legalizing marijuana I believe for manage it our country has to have a social education, must be prepared to legalize a drug but I am ok with this beacuse itsn a hard drug, itsn harmful,  its more... there are studies show that have many profit avoiding pain, decrease the likelihood of developing cancer, have recreational purposes, etc.

The violence in the TV I am completely disagree because it gives a bad example to all the children of the country have influence in there behaviour taking  it as  somenthing completely normal if they dont have someone to guide and learn them wich it is not a good action.

My opinion of the woman in the Military is agree because we, the womans, haves the same ability that mans, physics like psichologically being outmaneuvered them on some things.

Although the technology to consume us ando no always wen use that for good things its helpful nowadays especially the smarth phones because its has many fuctions we use daily like call, send messages, conect with social networks,etc.                                                                                                                                          

3 comentarios:

  1. i'm agree with you about, Chile is not prepared to legalizing

  2. i agree with you about the social education of the marijuana.

  3. wow, I agree with much of what you say!
    It is great to know from such deep subjects opinions, cheers <3