martes, 29 de noviembre de 2016

Videos of Animals

Pony its a world symbol of animal rescue
The orangutan was raped day by day in an Indonesian village

Its incredible that a human being is able to attack an animal  physically and even sexually
They go more than 10 years of their rescue. A crucial moment It took the military to intervene to free her, Thank god there were people who did their best for their well being, to rehabilitate it nowadays its well, living her free life.

The plastic kills bird

One million birds die annually from plastic ingestion and all this is due to the responsibility of us human beings who continue polluting our planet and with that killing millions of species that eventually become extinct. We have to take awareness.

Dog kills in China

320 dogs on a truck bound for slaughter in Jilin, China's second largest dog meat market, were rescued thanks to the determination of animal activists who simply refused to get out of the way.
We can aboit many deaths,its only a matter of organizing, having determination and fighting for the rights of thoose who can not to talk.

320 dogs on a truck

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