martes, 6 de diciembre de 2016

C.A Nº2

1- About 800.000 years ago fire was controled by early humans.
2- About 4 million years ago most early human species became bipedal.
3- The homo habilis used to live in Eastern and Southern Africa.
4- About 12.000 years ago humans managed to control the growth and breeding of some plants and animals.
5- The sahelanthropus tchadensis  is the earliest human species from the timeline.

Answer this questions:

1- Whats been the role of climate change in the development of humans?
  The climate change make the human adapted to the environment.

2-In you opinion, what is the most significant milestone for the human evolution? why?
  Discover the fire, because helped to human to survive.

3- Wich early human species was throught to be the first to use tools made from stone?
  The Homo Habilis

4- Who were the first human species to travel to and live in Europe? When?
  Homo Heidelbergensis about 700.000-200.000 years ago.+

5-Wich species survived for the longest time? For how long?
Homo erectus between 1.89 million and 143.000 years ago.

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